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AstroInfo – Now Served in Audacious Audio!

As is only appropriate for astronomy – the science of many wavelengths – you can now download podcasts of select AstroInfos.

I’ll try to work backward and fill in the gaps, and I hope to keep recording the new ones for those of you who prefer a voice. Till then, you get what you’ve got. Links to each podcast are embedded in the individual posts, but here’s one to start you off:

Podcast of the Uranus Post [1]

I’ve done some basic testing, and the three podcasts (Uranus [2], SWIFT [3], and About AstroInfo [4]) seem to work okay. Let me know if you have troubles, and I’ll see what I can see.

If you’re one of those people who cares: I’m recording using QuickTime, boosting the volume, exporting as avi, converting to mp3 using Super, changing the metadata with ITunes, and uploading to Internet Archive (archive.org) – all for free. Well, I guess I bought QuickTime last year. If you don’t have it, my husband recommends Goldwave – that’s free.

These podcasts are Creative Commons – Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike, because I want the info out there for people to learn from, and if it’s on the internet there’s no real way to guarantee that people don’t copy it. So – if you use stuff, let me know, and don’t sell it: I’m not making any money off this, and some portion of it belongs to Pacific Science Center.