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Carnival of Space #80, #81, #82, and #83

While I was off gadding about writing grants and training staff … No fewer than FOUR Carnivals went up. Here they are:

Carnival of Space #80 – The Thanksgiving Edition [1] at Starts with a Bang [2]

Carnival of Space #81 [3] – hosted by Tiny Mantras [4]

Carnival of Space #82 [5] – in VIDEO format at Space Disco [6]

and lastly, this week’s (in which I feature at the end, beside Nicole of One Astronomer’s Noise) [7]

Carnival of Space #83 – The Antipodean Edition [8] from Astroblog (in Australia!) [9]

I would like to mention that Nicole’s featured article about the planet found around Fomalhaut is AWESOME. She read the paper, and really explains it to us. She’s analyzing if the paper was done well, and if it really does point towards the splotch of light being a planet or not. You’ll have to go over there [7] to read what she thinks.