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I posted the PowerPoints from the first half of my ASTR 100 class on

Try this link, but don’t shoot me if it doesn’t work yet: Astro 100 PowerPoints 1

Here is an incomplete list of the links I’ve used in class – either for images, or for movies. I will go through and make them all more specific, and make sure each is correctly referenced within the PowerPoint, but I wanted to give you something to work with for now.

PPT 1:

The International Year of Astronomy –

Image of the Sun –

Image of the Full Moon

Solar System Diagrams –

Alpha Centauri Image –

The World at Night –

Sagittarius Star Cluster –

Andromeda Galaxy –

Hubble Deep Field –

MESSENGER – Earth Flyby Video –

PPT 3:

Galileo’s Telescope –

Types of Telescopes –

Refractor –

Reflector –

Cassegrain –

Atmospheric Absorption –

Hubble –

Chandra –

James Webb –


Electromagnetic Spectrum –

Energy Levels –

Energy Levels –

Absorption and Emission Spectra –

Solar Spectrum –

Absorption vs Emission vs Black Body –

Spectral Types –

Red Shift & Blue Shift –

Fire Engine Doppler Effect –

The Big Bang Theory talks about the Doppler Effect –

The Laboratory of the Devil: Doppler Effect –

Onwards. I’ll finish these up later.

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