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Life comes in waves – busy waves, and waves when you have lots of time to blog. You get one guess which wave I’m in now.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with some good links.

1. There is another Alice! Not only that, there is another Alice involved in informal astronomy education. Not only THAT, there is another Alice in the Pacific Northwest who is highly involved in informal astro ed. So, if you’re looking for Alice’s Astronomy a Go Go … you’re in the wrong place, you’re at Alice’s AstroInfo. But you should definitely head over there and check out her podcasts, she’s got some neat stuff.

2. Carnival of Space #112: Out of the Cradle celebrates the Moon Landing

3. Carnival of Space #113: Dynamics of Cats hosts one all about extraterrestrial impacts

4. Carnival of Space #114: Ultra Cheap, from Cheap Astronomy

And don’t miss Kepler’s announcement of their proof of concept:

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