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Talk Coming Up! 2012: the Movie, the Astronomy, and the Hoax!

Hey all!

Pacific Science Center’s [1] Science Cafe team just asked me to host a talk/Q&A at the next Science Cafe: TUESDAY, November 3 [2]! I’m going tackle “how to talk to your friends about 2012.”

Join us next Tuesday, November 3 for a myth busting Queen Anne Science Café. As we approach 2012, TV shows, new books – even a new movie – all sensationalize the idea of the world “ending” in 2012. Our next Science Café, 2012: The Movie, the Astronomy, and the Hoax, will debunk any fears you may have about the end of the world. Don’t miss a fascinating evening of science, drinks and hoaxes, 7:30 p.m. at T.S. McHugh’s [3].

Don’t worry though – it is an all-ages event, so bring whomever you’d like. The talk will be Cafe-style: shortish followed by plenty of question and discussion time. See you there!

ScienceCafe [4]

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