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Jay O’Callahan and the NASA Story

THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. Yesterday I received wonderful news in my e-mail. Jay O’Callahan will tell his NASA Story on PRI’s Living on Earth the weekend after Christmas.

This is a well-written and well-told story of NASA’s first 50 years. You should all mark your calendars and drop everything for it.

I heard this story at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific meeting in September, and Jay moved the audience to tears.

Not often do I believe this vehemently that everyone should watch/listen/or read a certain thing. I may say “You gotta see…” or “This is the best ever…” but it is often hyperbole. This though, this you should hear. I assume a recording will come out at some point, but there has been no noise about such and I have not heard of motions in that direction. So, as it stands this MAY be your only chance to hear this story – sometimes things get lost in the sands of time. Tune in, turn it up, and imagine an grey-haired man with graceful hands beginning to spin a tale in for you.

The e-mail:

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Jay’s NASA Story on NPR!
Jay recorded a 48-minute “broadcast” version of his NASA story, Forged in the Stars, before a lively audience for NPR*’s Living on Earth. It will air on Living on Earth the weekend after Christmas. To find out when Living on Earth is broadcast on your local NPR station, go to www.loe.org, click on WHERE TO TUNE IN, then click on your state or go directly to your local NPR station.

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You may already have heard a segment of this story called The Eagle Soars on Living on Earth. The upcoming broadcast is the complete “broadcast” version of Forged in the Stars.
Be sure to tune in! Happy Holidays!
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Visit Jay’s Website [9]

Jay O’Callahan, PO Box 1054, Marshfield, MA 02050
800-626-5356, jay@ocallahan.com [10], www.ocallahan.com [11]

*As pointed out later, Living on Earth is produced by PRI, not NPR.

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