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West Seattle Stargazing Tonight – Solstice Park 12/7/2009

I have officially given up on “planned” stargazing in Seattle. I’ve been foiled by the weather too many times. I tip my hats to those of you who persevere. Hereafter you can expect all stargazing events from me to be last-minute, as with this one!

If the weather holds, tonight you will find me and my scopes at Solstice Park in West Seattle just as it begins to get dark starting between 4:30pm and 5pm. I’ll go until it clouds over or my fingers get too cold (and I can be quite a pansy). I may also be late – depending on the commute.

Everyone is welcome – bring your binocs, scopes, or just yourself and we’ll see things Galileo hadn’t even thought of. I’m also brining a thermos of hot tea, but if you have a mug of chocolate instead please set it aside before using my telescopes. :)

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~ A l i c e !