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Interview with KOMO Radio – July 2014

Here’s a recording of my interview yesterday with Tom Huytler of KOMO Newsradio [1]. It’s quite short as usual, and it was also quite fun!

http://www.alicesastroinfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/AlicesAstroInfo-interview-KOMO-2014-07-11_128.mp3 [2]

Link to download recording [2]. (.mp3 3.2M)

As always I have plenty of respect for the anchors and reporters over at KOMO. Ever since my first interview there with Kathi Goertzen so many years ago, I have never been treated so well or with so much respect as an interviewee as by all the folks at KOMO. Tom, Jane, Rick (and Kathi, when she was around) always give me space to say what I think is important on a topic, and don’t pressure me to give the answer “they” think would be most interesting or incendiary to the audience. I know that sounds like just plain good journalism practice when interviewing folks, but I’ve had other experiences too and you’ve seen other styles of interviewing in this (hopefully declining) age of reality television.

Thanks for listening!