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Make Your Own Pluto Globe (MAPS as of 7-16-2015!)

Pluto-Foldable-Globe-2015-07-16 [1]

This thumbnail links to the latest globe activity PDF

My dad [2] has been hard at work on a project for my Plutopalooza New Horizons Phone Home [3] event tomorrow. I promised you crafts, and for those of our who cannot attend the event in person, I’m posting this one here.

This is currently a globe of the very latest map available of Pluto from Björn Jónsson [4]. We will be posting one update tomorrow (July 14, 2015) morning, and possibly one more tomorrow evening. Check back on this post for the final update.

Pluto Foldable Globe 2015-07-13 [5] (First post)

Pluto Foldable Globe 2015-07-14 [6] (Second post — updated 10am Pacific Time Tuesday 7-14-2015)

Pluto Foldable Globe 2015-07-16 [1] (Third post — updated 7-16-2015 with better Charon, probably the last post for several months. I hope to do one more when there’s a high-res map available.)

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