PostHeaderIcon Mars as Big as the Moon – 2010

I got tired this year and made a deal with my friend the Half-Astrophysicist, Rob Sparks. He’s written this year’s post. I’ll write next years. So, go listen to him already! :) He’s got a beautiful photo of tonight’s sky, and what Mars really looks like from Arizona (and everywhere else it’s visible from).

Hey, I considered making it the desktop of my computer, but the hilarious, cringe-worthy, winsome, and geektaastic Wil+Felicia won out this week. Maybe next week Rob?

My old posts (please note the dates for observing in these ARE NOT updated to 2010) –

2009 #1 –

2009 #2 (just for fun) –

2008 (my best) –

2007 –

2006 – was printed on paper only

2003-2005 – were verbal

::sigh:: I’m sorry to flake out on you this year, but Rob is awesome, and a great substitute. You should follow him anyway. :)

~ A l i c e !

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