PostHeaderIcon Mars as Big as the Moon – 2010

I got tired this year and made a deal with my friend the Half-Astrophysicist, Rob Sparks. He’s written this year’s post. I’ll write next years. So, go listen to him already! :) He’s got a beautiful photo of tonight’s sky, and what Mars really looks like from Arizona (and everywhere else it’s visible from).

Hey, I considered making it the desktop of my computer, but the hilarious, cringe-worthy, winsome, and geektaastic Wil+Felicia won out this week. Maybe next week Rob?

My old posts (please note the dates for observing in these ARE NOT updated to 2010) –

2009 #1 –

2009 #2 (just for fun) –

2008 (my best) –

2007 –

2006 – was printed on paper only

2003-2005 – were verbal

::sigh:: I’m sorry to flake out on you this year, but Rob is awesome, and a great substitute. You should follow him anyway. :)

~ A l i c e !

3 Responses to “Mars as Big as the Moon – 2010”

  • halfastro says:

    Yeah, that pic of Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day was pretty good. I am going to San Diego this weekend and hope to get some pics of these guys after sunset over the bay.

  • Brian says:

    Looks like Tree Lobsters covered it this year, too:

    I wonder how many people actually pass this email around. You’d think that it can’t be the same group of people each year, what with the line about “the closest approach between the two planets in recorded history”. How many years in a row can a person read that without saying “hey … haven’t I seen this before?”

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