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As is only appropriate for astronomy – the science of many wavelengths – you can now download podcasts of select AstroInfos.

I’ll try to work backward and fill in the gaps, and I hope to keep recording the new ones for those of you who prefer a voice. Till then, you get what you’ve got. Links to each podcast are embedded in the individual posts, but here’s one to start you off:

Podcast of the Uranus Post

I’ve done some basic testing, and the three podcasts (Uranus, SWIFT, and About AstroInfo) seem to work okay. Let me know if you have troubles, and I’ll see what I can see.

If you’re one of those people who cares: I’m recording using QuickTime, boosting the volume, exporting as avi, converting to mp3 using Super, changing the metadata with ITunes, and uploading to Internet Archive ( – all for free. Well, I guess I bought QuickTime last year. If you don’t have it, my husband recommends Goldwave – that’s free.

These podcasts are Creative Commons – Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike, because I want the info out there for people to learn from, and if it’s on the internet there’s no real way to guarantee that people don’t copy it. So – if you use stuff, let me know, and don’t sell it: I’m not making any money off this, and some portion of it belongs to Pacific Science Center.

2 Responses to “AstroInfo – Now Served in Audacious Audio!”

  • Stan Orchard says:

    Alice…you rock! Look at you all turning AstroInfo into a powerhouse online experience. VERY cool! I will include direct links to the audio on the PSC site. Here’s another suggestion on audio editors…GarageBand for Mac and Audacity for both Mac/Windows. The latter is free and you can record, tweak, enhance, export to MP3 all inside the Audacity interface. Look forward to hearing more.

  • alicesastroinfo says:


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