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I assume since you’re reading this, you like what I’ve been writing. Great. Here are two ways to support Alice’s AstroInfo.

This one directly supports AstroInfo, because it supports my organization and my organization pays me to write the articles that I also post here:

Support Pacific Science Center

This one supports that which AstroInfo stands for (cool astronomy education for anyone who wants it):

International Year of Astronomy: US Branch

International Year of Astronomy: International Umbrella Organization

The International Year of Astronomy is making a BIG push for astronomy education for the masses throughout the year of 2009. I’ve got a project and a half up my sleeve (you’ll be hearing about them as they occur), but IYA needs money and hours to make IYA as big as they want it to be.

… back to our regularly scheduled programming … up next – more details about Haumea (I hope).

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