PostHeaderIcon Astronomy 100 Texts, Anyone?

So, I’m going to be teaching Astronomy 100 in the winter. I am dissatisfied with the text used. Please help me choose a better one.

I’m very open – it doesn’t really have to be a textbook, but it has to be good and thorough. If you don’t see one you like here, put in another.

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You can also vote in the sidebar – I think the answers are tallied together.

2 Responses to “Astronomy 100 Texts, Anyone?”

  • alicesastroinfo says:


    Wow… I have a visitor from Portugal!

  • Nicole says:

    Our department just switched to “The Cosmic Perspective” by Bennett, et al. I wasn’t involved in the full selection process, but I really like the book. Good figures and spends plenty of time talking about how we know what we know (as I shamelessly quote Astronomy Cast!)

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