PostHeaderIcon Carnival of Space: October 2, 2008

In celebration of NASA’s 50th Anniversary, this week’s Carnival of Space is in the form of an acrostic.

H – Hills and what they have to do with moons are discussed by the Bad Astronomer over at Bad Astronomy

A – All’s quiet on the solar front, should we be worried? Alan Dyer of What’s Up Astronomy says “Nope.”

P – Posted by Space Video of the Day: the Falcon of SpaceX achieves orbit!

P – Poor Galileo – his saga is like a Mexican Soap Opera, or so claims Dr. Bruce Cordell of 21st Century Waves.

Y – Yummy planetary science from Maria Brumm and Green Gabbro.

B – Back in 1989 a program called Lunar Oasis was proposed, and David Portree examines it over at Altair VI.

I – Interstellar flight in a long-term context. Paul Gilster analyzes the survival of civilization and expansion into the cosmos over at Centauri Dreams.

R – Research the history of the NASA meatball and worm with Astroprof this week, in celebration of NASA’s 50th Birthday!

T – Trouble comes to Hubble, and Steinn Sigurðsson of Dynamics of Cats takes a look at what the problem is.

H – Huge telescopes held in place by magnetic flux pinning and other giant mirrors are approached by Next Big Future.

D – (the) Death of a Martian moonlet is exposed by Ryan Anderson Briony of Martian Chronicles.

A – Approaching martian winter, Ray Villard of CosmicRAY talks about Phoenix’s limited future and extensive past discoveries

Y – You know analogies always help, so Wayne of Idea Festival reviews J. Richard Gott’s discussion of the Space Colonization Imperative, and how it’s similar to basketball and the Titanic.

T – To NASA! 50 years of exploration and collectibles, discussed by none other than collectSPACE.

O – On counting stars and cells – Ethan Siegel of Starts With A Bang wonders which is bigger, the number of stars in a galaxy, or the number of cells in the human body

Y – Yikes! Watch out for unruly astrophysicists wielding calculations over at the Lounge of the Lab Lemming (by Dr. Lemming)

O – Oh my, iPhone apps galore – including an awesome Starmap & Planetarium app reviewed by Flying Singer in Music of the Spheres.

U – Universal Babe (I mean, A Babe in the Universe!) discusses Hubble’s difficulties this past week.

D – Decelrating oddly, the Pioneer spacecraft are veering off course. Twisted Physics’ Jennifer Ouellette looks at why.

E – ESA’s new Planck spacecraft‘s plant (oops, typo) plans to look at the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is discussed in detail by dj at OrbitalHub.

A – Accretionary Wedge, the carnival from the Geoblogosphere was hosted this past week. Check out GoodSchist’s artwork about Geology in Spaaaaace.

R- Research meets poetry with “Endeavour Calls” by Stuart Atkinson of The ‘Verse.

N – Nuclear decay rates, are they related to the distance to the Sun? Ian O’Neill of astroENGINE tackles this question, by looking at the Cassini mission.

A – Action on Asteroids!” says Alan Boyle in Cosmic Log.

S – Shubber Ali of Space Cynic is interviewed on The Space Show.

A – Anniversaries (specifically NASA’s) are celebrated over at Potentia Tenebras Repellendi by Alexander Declama

! – !! I wish I had an “M” for Emily Lakdawalla’s Monday Mercury MESSENGER Madness in the Planetary Society Weblog!!

That’s it for this week! Tune in somewhere else to next week’s Carnival for more – or go to Universe Today’s Carnival of Space page to learn what it’s all about. Thanks for your entries, and thanks for your help, Fraser!

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