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Hey y’all!

See that 8-bit blond girl behind the “AstroInfo” desk that adorns much of my AstroInfo correspondence? Well, she’s cute, but she’s a little generic, and she doesn’t fit in some places (like my banner). I generated her with one of those avatar makers. She’s got glasses, she’s blond-ish, she clearly likes stars, and she’s clearly the author of AstroInfo – but … she lacks something.



So, it’s time for a competition! I need a new AstroInfo logo/avatar. I know at least six of you out there are great artists and logo-designers, and I’m sure there’s more I don’t know so well.


– Must scale well to 128px by 128px
– Must be family appropriate
– Preferably it’ll scale up to ~400px by 400px for printing
– If you use fonts, convert them to outlines, so I don’t lose them (and tell me which font you used so I can perhaps use it in other titles and such)
– File formats: .jpg, .ai (CS3 or earlier), .psd, .pdf (if you must, but I’d like some flexibility), ask about others … oh, I’d prefer it submitted digitally, but paper submissions will be entertained.
– CC license it, at least to me. (I need to be able to make alterations, such as text stuff)
– Not an actual photo of me.
– If you give the name of the blog it is correctly referred to as “Alice’s Astro Info” (two spaces) or “AstroInfo” (no spaces)


– I like the fact that she’s a person, and a girl who vaguely resembles me.
– She and I both LOVE STARS!
– Blue is an awesome color – but then again, all colors are pretty. (P.S. There’s blue in my hair)
– I’m open to all media – photos, drawings, comic-style, realism, clay … as long as you take a picture of it and I can use that … whatever.
– I’m usually not much of a fan of abstract, unless it’s full of triangles.

Extra Credit: A related banner!

– Aspect ratio of 770px by 200px

What You Win

– The competition
– My gratitude and excitement
– International recognition (hey, I have at least one reader in Portugal!)
– $0.00
– I’m willing to entertain reasonable suggestions for other compensation, but no guarantees.
– If you want them, I can arrange for free tickets to Pacific Science Center, but you have to tell me you want them. If you want tickets to see Lucy’s Legacy you’ll have to also tell me a compelling reason why I should give my comps to you and not to my parents … but we’ll see what we can do.


– Solely by me. I get to pick, and I don’t guarantee I’ll be fair.
– I promise I’ll look at anything that’s sent to be before November 10th, 2008.

Email me at [the name of this blog] with no spaces, apostrophes, or punctuation {at} gmail

Thank you!! :-)

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