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“Wow, what a day. Great day to get out in the park and meet some new planets in this JANUS YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW beautiful solar system. Really, you work all week, on a Saturday you just need to enjoy the TETHYS GET OFF OF PANDORA GET OFF GET OFF TETHYS NO JANUS DON’T YOU GET INVOLVED TETHYS GET OFF GET GET little bit of relaxation. Maybe I’ll get to see that little blue-green number out by COME ON PALLANE COME ON STOP SNIFFING COME ON I HAVE PLACES TO BE Mars. Hope I don’t run into Uranus, though. He’s a nice enough guy but all those toilet jokes, jeez. Wow, I thought it was going to be cold, but the sun is IAPETUS GET OFF THAT COMET I’m so sorry, ma’am IAPETUS NO WAIT TETHYS YOU LEAVE PANDORA ALONE NO JANUS I SAID GET DOWN DIONE TELESTO NO IAPETUS Oh, no, is that Terra, KIVIUQ DO NOT GO OVER THERE NO KIVIUQ IAPETUS DON’T ENCOURAGE JANUS ALL OF YOU STOP THIS RIGHT NOW BEBHIONN SKOLL HYRROKKIN THAT’S IT ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO THE POUND YOU HEAR ME THE POUN-

Oh, hey, Terra. Moons, huh? But you gotta love ‘em anyway. They’re a planet’s best friend.”

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