PostHeaderIcon What Do You Want for Christmas?

Hey Astronomers!

If you could have anything, as an astronomer, given to you as a gift this holiday season, what would you want? Time on Hubble? A gift certificate for one of your papers to be automagically accepted to Astronomy and Astrophysics? A graduate student to do your data entry? Stuff from thinkgeek?

We’re trying to put together a tongue-in-cheek gift-buying guide for astronomers… and I could use some brainstorming.

Comment or email me at [thenameofthisblognospacesnoapostrophe] [at] [gmail]. Thanks for your input!

2 Responses to “What Do You Want for Christmas?”

  • Nicole says:


    A computing cluster…

    A thesis?

  • Hannah says:

    The top of my list would be a tenure-track faculty position.

    or as long as I’m asking for the impossible, how about a tenurED faculty position?

    also, someone to write my papers for me.

    I could also use an invitation to a conference on a tropical island.

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