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Short for now – more to be added later.

I saw Comet Lulin last night – FROM SEATTLE – through a break in the clouds. I observed for about 30-45 minutes, and did some hand-observations:

Comet Lulin Observations

Comet Lulin Observations - Click to see animation!

Here are some links if you want to learn more or see it yourself:

Video of it moving across the sky:

The most detailed picture I’ve seen so far:

And the prettiest picture I’ve seen so far:

A good article from this year with some background on its discovery 2
years ago:

A more recent article that mentions the new discovery about the
structure of the tail:

Observation reports and charts:

5 Responses to “Comet Lulin”

  • Dan says:

    Hey Altair,

    The links to the comet information all seem to require a pacsci password. How are things in Seattle? We are really ready for spring here.


  • alicesastroinfo says:

    How weird is that?

    There, I fixed it. It was because I copied and pasted from my e-mail, so it was trying to log you into my e-mail to click on them… bleah.

  • alicesastroinfo says:

    Things in Seattle are cold and wet. I’m enjoying the rain – we need it – but I’m also really ready to see growing green and switch to a lighter-weight jacket.

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