PostHeaderIcon Alice’s AstroInfo Videocast and TV Interview

Answering some common questions about buying a first telescope.

Q13 FOX interviewed me for about 10 seconds last night about the LCROSS Mission. Have fun!

~ A l i c e !

3 Responses to “Alice’s AstroInfo Videocast and TV Interview”

  • Awesome video Alice, :-)

  • brian says:

    Okay, so … what if you convinced someone to buy binoculars instead: What binoculars do you recommend?

    (Also, I’ll bet the actual interview with Q13 lasted a lot longer than 10 seconds….)

  • alicesastroinfo says:

    Brian –

    Yes the interview lasted a few minutes and was a lot of fun. I taught that reporter pretty much everything she said during the piece as well, and they used the animated footage I recommended. I feel like I had quite a bit of influence over that story.

    Binoculars – start with the pair you have laying around, or the pair your neighbor has laying around. If you’re ready to move a step up from that: I’ve been happy with 7x50s made by a company with a good reputation for decent optics. Advice on buying optical equipment. Once you’re beyond that, you’re ready for a first telescope. In fact, once you’ve outgrown the little binocs you just grabbed from somewhere you’re probably ready for a scope.

    Aaron –

    which one? Mine or Q13s?


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