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Life just keeps on coming! Here are a couple more spacey things happening tonight and this week.

Hubble Unveiling

The unveiling of our new Hubble/Chandra/Spitzer images went off without a hitch this morning, and Q13 interviewed us. If you want a peek at the pictures¬† or need to know just why they are so cool, watch for me on Seattle’s channel 10 at 9pm or channel 13 at 10pm tonight.

Next up…

A lecture – free with admission to Pacific Science Center

Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 1:30PM in Rooms 411 and 412 (in Building 4)
The Lives of Stars
By Dr. Ken Croswell

The stars that speckle the sky have long fascinated humanity, but only in the past century have astronomers figured out how stars are born, live and die. Now we can use that knowledge to address the question: Which stars near the Sun might have planets with intelligent life? Drawing on both the laws of stellar evolution and the latest discoveries of extrasolar planets, Harvard-trained astronomer Dr. Ken Croswell describes the lives of stars and the alien worlds they may support.

The presentation will be family friendly and Dr. Croswell will sign his new book, The Lives of Stars after the presentation.

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