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The deadline is November 30.

~ A l i c e !

6 Responses to “November 2009”

  • Brian says:

    This is the first time in a few years that I’m not participating in Nanowrimo, due to concerns at work. So this November I must live vicariously through others. So what are you doing reading this? Go write another 500 words; then you can come back and finish reading this.

    Actually, that’s all I had to say. But yay for 500 more words!

  • alicesastroinfo says:

    Thanks for your support Brian!!

    Unfortunately, I also have two and a half talks to prepare for this week – and I might as well post those as AstroInfos … so here I am.

  • Brian says:

    Halfway there! WOOHOO!

  • alicesastroinfo says:

    ::falling onto the couch in exhaustion, rubbing her wrists::

  • Brian says:

    Congratulations! 3000+ extra words, days ahead of schedule? Now that is a decisive victory!

    • alicesastroinfo says:

      Brian – You rock. Thanks for the support!

      This year was “easy” – it was a story I needed to get out of my head. Next year will be hard.


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