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We cleared up some last details about Cepheid variables, and covered the beginning and end of the universe: the Big Bang, Dark Energy, and the Big Rip.

2010_02_23 LP10 Beginning and End of the Universe – PowerPoint

Handout: 2009_02_25 HO Planets

Homework – Plotting the Moon: 2009_02_23 HW06 Charting the Moon

Homework/Project – Planet Children’s Book (working in groups):
Due: Wednesday, 3/10/2010
Pick a body in our solar system:
• Any planet but Earth
• A moon
• A dwarf planet
• An asteroid (you’d be making your life difficult choosing this)
Do a bit of research about the planet or moon. If there were life on it, what might it be like? Have fun; but show me that you understand the planet or moon that you are describing.

Please write an illustrated children’s story about your planet. Be as accurate as possible, but have fun and tell an interesting story. The story can be made up, but the planetary details should be real. Be sure to show me that you understand the planet or moon that you are describing. This is what most of the grade will be based on.

Tell me your sources of information. This must be in your own words: no plagiarism.

The assignment is worth 50 points. It is due ON TIME. If it is late, I may not accept it or if I do accept it, I will probably take off points for it being late.

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