PostHeaderIcon International Observe the Moon Night – 2010

Tonight was the first annual International Observe the Moon Night. What? You didn’t know? Oh, sorry Seattle, I kinda didn’t want to get your hopes too high … the forecast wasn’t that great. I apologize profusely.

It is, of course, raining.

We took a photo anyway (and submitted it for judging! I hope we win a side award for “funniest” picture of the Moon or something.):

(c) Jason Enevoldsen. This is the ACTUAL location of the Moon, not just a random chunk of cloudy sky.

You can submit your photos too. In fact, the photos don’t have to be from exactly tonight – anytime between August 24th and September 23rd will do. Maybe you took one a couple weeks ago, or maybe you can snap one in between the clouds during the first half of this week.

Anyway, I love these international observing events like the Great World Wide Star Count, and I hope there are more. A lot of them take place over a week or a month, which works better for us here in the Pacific Northwest, we can just choose the cloud-free night and go observe them. Meanwhile, when it is raining like tonight, stargaze through your computer and live vicariously through the good weather of others.

And don’t miss my fall equinox sunset viewing. I’ll be there if it is cloudy, but not if it is REALLY raining.

~ A l i c e !

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