PostHeaderIcon Transit of Venus – Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transit of Venus—Tuesday, June 5, 2012

There is a transit of Venus in early June. Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun, and appear as a small dot slowly crawling across the face of the Sun.

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Viewing Safety

Never look directly at the Sun. Safe viewing is paramount. Always use appropriate safety equipment to view the Sun. This can be:

Do not use stacked sunglasses, smoked glass, or rely on cloudcover to protect you.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Visibility from Seattle

Start:               3:06pm

Max:    6:27pm

SUNSET:          9:03pm

You can’t see the rest

Transits of Venus have a strange pattern of frequency: 121 ½  years, 8 years, 105 ½ years , 8 years, 121 ½  years, 8 years, 105 ½ years , 8 years, ….) 


 When was the last/next one visible from Seattle?Other transits of Venus:1874





Some Diagrams


Where can I watch it from Seattle?

Pacific Science Center Courtyard –

Solstice Park in West Seattle –


What time should I look from ­­­­another city?

When is sunset for another city?


Oh no! It’s cloudy!


Give me more data!

3 Responses to “Transit of Venus – Tuesday, June 5, 2012”

  • George Keyes says:

    Will I be able to see the transit of Venus from Tucson Arizona on June the 5th

  • Adrienne says:

    hi George – I found your post while Googling for press on our Tucson Transit of Venus Celebration events. The astro-powerhouses in Tucson have teamed up to offer many free events in Tucson on June 5th — Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, UA Flandrau Science Center, Tumamoc Hill, Biosphere 2. Please see all the info on UA News: Hope to see at one of the locations! Every one will have special telescopes and solar viewers.

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