PostHeaderIcon Curiosity on Mars Memes

I had to do it. I’m collecting memes about Curiosity’s landing on Mars. I’ll do my best to keep up, but I will probably fail soon, due to the viral and meme-y nature of the internet.

A joke made by many.

He’s his own meme now too.

Not really a meme, but worth including.


Curiosity killed the cat.

This post is a job for tumblr. Too bad I don’t have a tumblr account.

Funny, too many to post:

Here’s one:

From Boing Boing:



Marsmarsmarsmarsmarsmarsmarsmars …

Kate Davis via Boing Boing.

You know how I said I was going to give up? Well, now it is time to give it up. I can’t keep up. :) It was fun anyway.

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