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I will be continuing to add resources and updates to this page.

#1 Most Important Thing

You can easily safely watch a partial solar eclipse, and you should! You just have to know how! Here are many ways: (I am linking to the annular eclipse safety information because it is going to be partial here, not total.)

My favorite way to watch a solar eclipse is the indirect method using a colander/spaghetti strainer or other object with small even holes (circles or squares, not long lines).

Turn your back to the Sun.

Hold out the colander until you see its shadow on the ground showing all those little holes. Each one of those is a perfect little image of the Sun! When the Sun is partially eclipsed, you will see little crescents. This works even better if you put down a piece of plain paper or another flat “screen” for the shadow. You can also do this by interleaving your fingers to make a “hashtag” pattern with your fingers, or just look under a tree at the dappled light shining down.

Please do not buy eclipse glasses from a large online marketplace that doesn’t specialize in astronomical viewing equipment or eclipses. The American Astronomical Society maintains a list of reputable vendors of eclipse glasses. In 2017 I had to replace the glasses of almost everyone in my entire campground because they had bought pairs that only an expert like myself could identify as counterfeits and dangerous. It was very hard to tell the difference.

The glasses that Seattle Public Library and King County Public Libraries have received through the library eclipse education program are safe.

I will add images of my favorite viewing methods here in detail later. But NASA and AAS (linked above) will always have safe advice.

Here are some alternate languages on safe viewing:

Non-visual Observing

Feel/measure for temperature change around the maximum of the eclipse.

Listen, and participate in NASA’s Eclipse Soundscapes Citizen Science project!

My Events: When and Where?

Eclipse Viewing:

Monday, April 8, 2024–10:35am-12:25pm – Maximum (20%) at 11:29am

Location: South Seattle College — grassy field to the east of the south parking lot. Just south of the Wellness Center.
Parking permits for the lots on campus are for sale at the kiosks. Street parking is available on 16th Ave SW.

I’ll bring whatever glasses I have left, help you be sure you’re viewing safely (as long as you ask me!), and I’ll bring indirect viewers.

All ages welcome! Public is invited! Students and college community members invited!

What if it is cloudy or raining???

  • Thunder: cancelled
  • Heavy rain/clouds: if it is the kind of weather than might clear up, I am likely to go anyway and wait it out. If it is going to stay socked in, I may cancel. I’ll post information on all the social media and be sure West Seattle Blog knows.
  • Light clouds: oh yeah, we’re doing this. Our lighter clouds move around a lot, and the Sun shines through them. REMEMBER: It is NOT safe to view the eclipse through the clouds without other protection. You still need eclipse glasses or indirect methods, even though indirect methods are less likely to work when cloudy.

UPDATE April 8, 2024 9am – Event is still on. If the cloudcover holds this heavy or if it is pouring rain, we will go inside for activities and a livestream. OLY 105 or OLY 120 (theater). Look for signage and my posts on social media.


Detailed map for October:

Detailed map for April:

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